Special Grades For Concrete

Through a long history of supplying the steel industry in numerous applications, we can provide technical support and help with innovating new products for the concrete industry.

We Carry
Flyash GGBFS Microcast

MicroCast G is a special grade microsilica the we have innovated. This is mixed with certain proprietary chemicals and GGBFS (Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag). This make a super pozzolan and has distinct advantages over standard MicroSilica



Our Microsilica conforms to ASTM 1240 C / 920 D

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Advantages of using MicroCast
  • Increased service and structural strength
  • Greater resistance to weathering and corrosivity
  • High Flexural Strength
  • High resistance to chlorides and Sulfides

MicroCast - specifications

Analysis Result
SiO2 90% +
K2O <1%
Na2O <1%
Fe2O3 <1%
Al2O3 <2%
PH Value 8
Loss on Ignition at 750 C Max. 4%
H2O (when bagged) <3%
Coarse Particles:>45 micron Max. 10%
Coarse Particles:<45 micron Max. 90%
Specific Surface Area 202 cm/gm
Bulk Density (Kg/ m3) 600 - 650
Test Reports and MSDS are available on request.